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Pacsy was born in Hong Kong and worked in Marketing after graduating from HKU.   Her yoga path started in 2002 when she found her body and mind get reset after the 1st practise in a private studio. The experience of assisting yoga teaching to special needs children and mothers strengthened her determination of being a yoga teacher.  She then quitted her job and dedicated herself to yoga teaching in 2014.  She is so grateful to her teacher Ms Hersha Chellaram and Grau Sri Swami Satchidananda who led her a new life filled with Peace and Joy. 

Bringing inner peace and knowing one’s own body are the goals of her yoga teaching.  She guides her students to experience space during the practice to know their bodies and accept limitations, to breathe, to absorb vital energy, and to mediate to calm the mind.  To her, the greatest achievement is not seeing them how high they can put the legs over the head but a relaxing face and sleepy eyes after each practice.

Pacsy believes Yoga is for everyone. Apart from teaching for the typical, she also dedicates herself to serve in YAMA foundation by teaching yoga for children with special needs, outreach program for children with terminal illnesses as well as adults with special needs.

Her ultimate goal is to help students to understand their bodies, to explore their strength and limitations, and to realize their potentials. Leading them to alleviate stress and upsets, purify their soul to acquire inner peace and apply the wisdom of yoga in daily life.

Pacsy’s qualification/experience

  • 200 hours Beginning Level Integral Yoga Teacher Training – 2014

  • 32 hours Yoga Therapist Training (yoga for cancer care/anatomy of Asana Intensive) - 2014

  • 95 hours Yoga for the Special Child in 2015

  • 50 hours Yin and Myofascial Release Teacher Training – 2016

  • 12 hours Yoga Wheels Teacher Training– 2016

  • 12 hours TVA Spinal Foam Intensive Teacher Training - 2017

  • 170 hours Intermediate Level Integral Yoga Teacher Training – 2017

  • Completed Level 1 and 2 Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy – 2017/2018

  • 30 hours workshop – Yoga for injuries and imbalances – 2018

  • 30 hours Accessible Yoga Training - 2018

  • 18 hours Yoga for the Special Child@Continuing Education Program on Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADD/ADHD - 2018

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