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Claudia started her yoga practice in 2006 with the intention to start the practice on the mat looking for some "exercises" and an "easy” sport. For the first few years, Claudia gained strength and satisfaction through her Asana practice until a spinal injury caused by a Hatha 3 practice session which took Claudia aback on the purpose of yoga.

After 1.5 years of recovery, Claudia returned on the mat with a new light on the practice – channeling the focus on fostering inner awareness, mental growth rather than just physical strength. Suffering from postpartum depression, Claudia luckily started her first 200-hour Integral Hatha Teacher Training with Hersha Chellaram in 2013, which through a 9-month training process, she was brought out from the darker moments in her life. Since then, Claudia has devoted herself in the establishment of Yama Foundation, a non-profit organizer moving to a charitable organization to bring yoga and meditation to special needs kids and chronic illness patients.

Claudia hopes to raise awareness among her students that that yoga is not just an exercise, but a practice that requires persistency and a journey of the self, through the self, to the self (Bhagavad-Gita).

Claudia’s qualification/experience

  • 30 Hours Radiant Child Yoga – 2012

  • 40 Hours Raja Yoga Foundation Course – 2014

  • 200 Hours Beginner Level Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – 2014

  • 300 Hours Intermediate Level Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – 2017

  • 100 Hours Integral Yoga's Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Teacher Training Program – 2014

  • 120 Hours Mindful Birth Teacher Training for Pregnancy – 2015

  • 20 Hours Practitioner of Magnified Healing Third Phase – 2016

  • 95 Hours Gecko Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Module 1 to 6) – 2016

  • 30 Hours Yoga Stick & Back Roller Therapy – 2017

  • 50 Hours Aroma Yoga Teacher Training – 2017

  • 30 Hours Stretching Teacher Training Programme – 2018

  • 30 Hours TRX yoga flow – 2018

  • 30 Hours Kettlebell Teacher Training Programme – 2019

  • Set-up Committee Members of Yama Foundation and teaching staff with Yama Foundation (Non-profit organization)

  • Total number of accumulated teaching hours: 1,500 hours

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