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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Glenn decided to become a personal training about 4 years ago and started his PT career at Myoga. To allow for more flexibility in his teachings and curriculum, Glenn decided to go freelance soon after. With many fitness skills and knowledge such as TRX and HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) at his disposals, Glenn is passionate about motivating and helping his students to achieve their fitness targets. Glenn particularly enjoys teaching various exercises particularly those that focus on training abs, muscle building and improving body control. Glenn also focuses on using pilates, rubber band to improve his student’s posture through stretching and muscle building. Being an energetic and adventurous individual, Glenn is also an avid diver licensed for advanced open water diving!

Come experience Glenn’s challenging yet fun classes!

Glenn’s qualification/experience

  • Asian Academy For Sports & Fitness Professionals (AASFP) – Foundation Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (Year)

  • AASFP – Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (Year)

  • BASI Pilates – Pilates Instructor (Mat Work) Certification

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